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Yogis On Wheels began in 2002 in the South Indian state of Kerala when one of our board members, Adii Jon Platania, paid a visit to Holy Trinity School For Disabled Children. The school is part of the Molankara Orthodox Church of India and is located not far from the Sivananda Ashram where Adii was in residence in an Ayurvedic healing program related to his disabilities.

Yohanas, a priest from the orthodox ashram, introduced Adii to the school for disabled children, the elder care, and end of life hospice programs. Yohanasexplained that the kids wanted to learn yoga in order to increase their physical strength and aerobic capacity. They also were longing for computers that might help them to make their way in the world. 

      Yogis on Wheels Kerala Historical Video

Our Purpose and Objectives 
This corporation is a nonprofit public benefit TRUST and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the laws of the State of Kerala for charitable purposes. 

To advance the welfare, education and opportunity of disabled children and young adults living in the State of Kerala, India.


  • To communicate primarily to disabled and under-privileged children, young adults and their families the healing and trans-formative benefits of Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Medicine and Spiritual Counsel.

  • To conduct Yoga classes and other educational programs for the benefit of disabled children and young adults of the State of Kerala. 

  •  To make available computers and other information and  communications technology to disabled children, young adults and their families. 

  •  To encourage electronic communication between and among disabled children, young adults, their families and others working for  their benefit.

  •  To establish a charitable trust fund from grants, contributions and other State, National and International funding resources for the benefit of disabled and poor children.

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